How to become more creative is a topic that any ambitious person should pay attention to and cultivate. It is creativity that results in new medications, cell phones, the internet, man going to the moon, supersonic speed, and much more. However, it’s unfortunate that the majority of people don’t think they are very creative. Thus, a lot of new ideas, that could have made a positive impact on many people, are often left unearthed in people’s minds. What if we could open up that treasure chest and allow creative ideas to flow out easily and often? Thus, if you’re open to this possibility, I present to you some ideas that could show how creative you could be. I believe there’s a goldmine in your mind. Let’s go mining…


How to become more creativeHow to become more creative is a question many people ask. They look at those who are creative and envy their ability to come up with new ideas. I believe that we are all very creative. However, some people have just sold themselves on that fact and many people have sold themselves on the opposite. Whichever way we see anything, we’re right. Thus, we have to be careful what we focus on because that expands. We’re all declaring affirmations every day – those thoughts that run through our minds at about 1,500 words a minute. Many of those thoughts are negative because it’s easier for all those ideas to settle in our minds. It takes a concerted effort to think positively.

If you wish to become more creative, and thus take your success to a higher level, we begin by changing the thoughts in your mind that my form roadblocks. I suggest declaring the following affirmation, the first thing each morning and the lasting thing each night, for the foreseeable future.

Everything I touch prospers and succeeds. I’m a very creative person. I come up with great ideas regularly. These ideas are bringing me greater success and amazing financial rewards. I am a Champion!

Don’t analyze these words. Just declare them, out loud, each morning and evening and let the powerful computer in your brain work on those ideas. Watch what’s about to happen. I would guess that you’ll come up with something amazing in the next 90 days!


How to become more creativeHow to become more creative means doing things that you don’t normally do. Get away mentally and physically and watch what that will do for your creativity. This doesn’t have to be an expensive trip. It would be a weekend away to a national park. A short trip to a city you’ve never seen, a hike on a trail you’ve never experienced, or visiting a friend you haven’t seen in a while. What happens, when we do something new, is that it opens up the mind to new things.

What we’re doing is allowing time for the mind to relax and to mentally wander. We have more power in our brains than any computer man has ever created. We just have to change the programming so we can come up with new ideas. Thus, when we’re distracted by new surroundings, or new activities, the mind relaxed and we allow creative juices to flow. Keep a notepad handy. Then, when an idea comes up, just write it down.

The mind can also wonder when we’re working on a hobby, meditating, exercising, or taking a walk in the park. These types of activities un-focus the brain and allow it to do what it does when we’re not focused on something specific. Our brains were designed to do amazing things. Let’s create the atmosphere where that can happen. Expect amazing ideas to come at those moments and they will. We don’t get what we hope or wish for – we get what we expect!


How to become more creativeHow to become more creative means that we understand what happens at night. Our brains do not have an “OFF” switch when we go to sleep. It continues to operate on the basis of “business as usual”. Did you ever go to sleep thinking about a problem and then wake up in the morning with what seemed like a solution? We all have. That’s because your brain was working on the problem during the night. These can be very productive hours if we program our minds in the right direction. Let’s do that with creativity.

Thus, when you lay down at night, just say to yourself the following: “I am a very creative person. I come up with amazing ideas!” Say those phrases over and over until you fall asleep. Keep a notepad on the bed stand. If you wake up at night with an idea, write it down and go back to sleep. You may be shocked by some of the ideas you write down during the night or those you have when you wake up. You’re harnessing the tremendous power of your brain to allow your amazing creativity to surface.

From now on, the phrase “Just sleep on it!” should have a new and very productive meaning for you. That could be the time that you prove to yourself how very creative you are.


How to improve creativityHow to become more creative is a concept that is greatly enhanced by reading certain books. Reading not only builds character, but it expands the mind and takes us to places we’ve never been. The two books that I have studied the most, and that I believe have enhanced my creativity for many years, are: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

The Carnegie book is full of fascinating stories about human nature, how to get along with other people, rules for winning friends and influencing people, and other ideas about personal magnetism. The Hill book, although it’s made more millionaires than any other book in history, is basically an ATTITUDE book. It contains many stories of people who started with nothing, came up with an idea, and made a success of that idea. There are creative concepts in every chapter of the book.

I read both of these books many times over. At the same time, I also read many biographies and find that doing so helps my creativity greatly. Thus, I get involved in other people’s stories, the challenges they went through, and how they achieved great things by using their creativity. I especially like inventors like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers, and so forth. As I travel, I make it point, whenever possible, to visit historical sites that deal with some of my reading. I recently visited Dayton, Ohio, where the Wright Brothers lived, had their bicycle shop, and flew some of their early model airplanes at a nearby airfield. Those kinds of experiences, after reading about the subject, have greatly helped my creativity.


How to become more creativeHow to become more creative can be enhanced by turning off the TV, the phone, and the computer for just a half hour a night. Get in a comfortable chair, lean back, put on some headphones, and listen to beautiful music. If you look on YouTube for meditation music, you’ll find many selections. Put one on, close your eyes, and allow your mind to relax. It’s hard to think about more than one thing at a time. Think about the music.

Watching television, or surfing the Internet for hours, can numb the mind. It’s like a mind-killer. Many of the images we see on TV are of violence and conflicts. Those close the mind down rather than open it up. And I believe that limits our creativity. On the other hand, making your surroundings quiet, even for just 30 minutes, and listening to beautiful music, will take your mind away from the distractions and allow creative brain cells to operate. At the end of the 30 minutes, if any ideas come to your mind, write them down. If none come, don’t worry about it. Do the same thing the next night. Within 30 days of doing this, I believe that you’ll fund your creativity has been greatly enhanced.

What if you could come up with a million dollar idea or solve a problem that has bothered many people for a long time? What if you could take your life to a whole new level of success? I believe that we all have the ability to be very creative. Use some of these ideas above, for just 90 days, and watch what happens. I think you are special, you are unique, and I believe that you are destined for greatness because you are very creative!


“I’m a very talented, creative person. I enhance my creativity daily with certain positive steps that help me greatly!”

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