How To Transform Ordinary People Into Extraordinary Champions!

“How YOU Can Get Rhino Power!”

Are you limiting yourself from performing like a champion? Would you like to learn how to become one? The six step Tiberias Success Formula will provide you with a simple, unique process which you can apply immediately to help you perform like a champion every day.

  • Set five achievable goals that accelerate success
  • Establish a daily ten-minute habit that overcomes procrastination
  • Three powerful “money consciousness” tactics toward prosperity
  • Learn a simple and effective six step daily Action Plan
  • Discover a four step process for success and happiness

“Playing Like A Championship Team Every Day!”

Does your company behave like a team? Are you building on the strengths of everyone’s individual differences? This program will help you discover five steps to get everyone to join the building crew and resign from the wrecking crew.

  • Master five techniques to inspire others to perform like champions
  • Six recognition techniques including the powerful “good finder” program
  • Learn four ways that your team can gain a competitive advantage
  • Six recognition techniques including the powerful “good finder” program
  • Learn the two forms of keeping a daily score so everyone wins

“How to Move Through Challenges… Creatively!”

What do you do when you’re having “a moment” and don’t know how to overcome the challenge? You will learn a simple 4-step process to unleash the creative genius that lies within you and use that creativity to easily overcome most any challenge.

  • Learn two steps to change “problems” into momentary “challenges”
  • Discover three tactics to get rid of “try, hope or wish” – just DO!
  • Learn four powerful ways to develop an “air of positive expectancy”
  • Six recognition techniques including the powerful “good finder” program
  • When everyone else gives up, you’ll know what to do in two easy steps

“How to Diffuse Stress in the Workplace”

Would you like to find a way to deal with negative and difficult people? Through this simple 5-step process, you’ll discover how to turn difficult people into powerful allies. You’ll transform stressful situations into great opportunities for incredible progress.

  • Discover six ways to get people to cooperate and work with you
  • Learn four sophisticated persuasion tactics that help you achieve your goals
  • Seven secrets to diffusing disagreements and preventing confrontations
  • Five important tactics to get diehard opponents to accept your point of view
  • Three strategies to quickly take charge in stressful situations and refocus