Sell yourself to others if you want to get ahead in your career and take your life to a new level of success. If you think about it, we’re all selling our thoughts and ideas to others every day. We’re promoting ideas to our kids, our spouses, our co-workers, and our customers. Most people don’t make a conscious effort to sell themselves in a positive way that gets positive results. There are specific steps that we can each take to make sure we’re selling ourselves in the most productive way possible.


Sell yourself to others.Sell yourself to others by realizing that the first 15 minutes of each day dictate our attitude for the entire day. Most people listen to news on the radio, watch TV news, or read the paper. When I was a newscaster years ago, they did not tell us to find positive stories. Our slogan was, “If it bleeds, it leads!” Most news reports are about murder and mayhem. May I suggest not watching the late TV news before going to bed. You’re programming your mind for violence!

Then, when you wake up in the morning, instead of focusing on the news, may I suggest you declare some positive affirmations and read a page or two in a positive book. The two books I recommend are “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. A great opening affirmation might be: Everything I touch prospers and succeeds!

Then, write down the 5 most important things you need to do that day, in the order of their importance. Focus on the #1 item until it’s done. Then focus on item #2, and so forth. This kind of focus will help your attitude greatly and give a much better reflection of you to others throughout each day.


Sell yourself to others.Sell yourself to others by observing that people like people who encourage others and who look for the good in any situation. However, what does the average person do? They focus on the bad because it allows them to make excuses about their own lives: “Well, if I wanted to, I could do as well as that person.” I don’t think that’s true. If that person REALLY wanted to, they would take action and do it. Many people are lazy and don’t want to put out the effort to improve their situation.

However, the people who make an extra effort, who are looking for the good, are admired by others. Dale Carnegie, in “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, recommended that we “Look for the good and embellish it. And, as much as possible, disregard the bad.” It doesn’t mean we totally disregard the bad. Let’s take care of what needs to be done and just not focus on it as much. If we want to sell our ideas to others, let’s focus on the good and more of that will occur. People will like our attitude, want to help us, and want to buy more of what we’re selling.


Sell yourself to others.Sell yourself to others by realizing that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. It’s also known that people who smile a lot seem to live happier lives and I would bet that they live longer. My mother, who lost four brothers and sisters and her parents in the Holocaust, had the most positive attitude of anyone I’ve ever known. She smiled a lot. I finally had to ask her one day, “Mom, how can you have such a positive attitude? You have every right to hate everybody, including God.” Her answer was amazing and proved why she sold herself and her ideas to others so beautifully. She said, “Son, if I don’t have a good attitude, then they got me too and they didn’t shoot one bullet!”

If you want to sell yourself to others, and smiling is not something you do easily and warmly, let’s experiment with the following idea. Make a concerted effort to give a warm smile to five people each day for a week. Greet them with animation and make them feel as if you’re really glad to have seen them that day. Don’t look for anything in return. Just smile at five people each day for a week and watch what happens.


Sell yourself to others.Sell yourself to others by showing a lot of gratitude! The people who don’t get much cooperation, or help from others, are usually self-centered and not genuinely interesting in anyone by themselves. If we pay attention, we can see them coming a mile away. And we want to turn around and run. Those people cause the most harm in society. Gratitude gets the opposite reaction.

We need to realize that WHATEVER WE FOCUS ON EXPANDS. If we focus on the fact that we don’t get any breaks, that people are not nice to us, that no one will ever help us, we’re right. Whichever way we see anything, we’re right. And, whatever we put in our minds and focus on tends to expand. Thus, if we do not show gratitude on a regular basis, we’re automatically focused on resentment. And that turns other people off.


However, if we truly focus on the good things in our lives, that will be reflected in our attitude. People will see that in us. We will sell ourselves more easily to them. They will want to help us achieve our dreams. Make a list of the five things you are most grateful for in your life. Perhaps that’s your health, your family, your friends, your job, your talents, or your business. Whenever you feel depressed, look at that list and ask yourself whether you would trade any one of those things for a solution to your momentary problem. I believe the answer would be NO and you’ll quickly get yourself back to an attitude of gratitude. At the same time, let people who are nice to you know how much you appreciate what they do for you and regularly tell the people you love the most how much you love them.


Sell yourself to others.Sell yourself to others by going the extra mile and looking for ways to be of service others. Especially if there’s nothing in it for you. What is the old biblical thought: Give and you shall receive. My mother’s thought was this: “I’ll be a planter of good seeds and not look for a crop in return.” She encouraged me to plant good seeds in people’s minds and not worry about what’s in it for me. She told me to just keep planting.

However, the average person will quickly look at “What’s in it for me?” And they wonder why people don’t want to help them get ahead. The signals that we give to people are very clear. We are either selling ourselves as a giving, loving, caring person or we’re doing the opposite. If we look around, there are always people who need an encouraging word or a helping hand. When we give of ourselves and our time we’re putting good energy into the universe. Although we don’t expect it, the law of the universe will find a way for that blessing to come back to us.

If you want to sell yourself to others, and have many people helping you to get to the next level of success, may I suggest you keep these thoughts in mind and practice them regularly. If you do so, I don’t believe you’ll have to sell anything to anyone. They will automatically want to buy your vision!


“I work on a positive attitude, look for the good, smile, show appreciation, and look for ways to be of service to others.”

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