Why leadership is so important is a topic that’s very important when it comes to getting ahead and being successful. Without leadership, we are relegated to following those who are leaders – whether we want to or not. We usually have to follow their path and our goals are put on the back burner. Some think that certain people are naturally-born leaders. That may be true in some cases. However, I think that leadership traits can be learned by anyone who seeks to achieve greatness and take their life to a great new level.


Why leadership is so importantThere is no middle ground in life. Even if we think we’re on the right track, if we’re not moving, we’re going to get run over. When it comes to leadership, we’re subconsciously making a choice every day. We either make the extra effort to lead or we automatically get relegated to following someone else. And, if that someone else is not leading us in a good direction, we won’t be happy when we get to the destination.

Since we are the total sum of the five people with whom we spend the most time, it’s important to take mental inventory and ask ourselves if we want to follow them. If where these people are in their lives is not where we want to go, we need to make a change. Decide to become a leader and follow the road that leads to where you want to go. Write down your goals, break them down into believable pieces, and then declare the following affirmation the first thing each morning and the last thing each night:

I am a talented, capable, strong leader. I have defined my goals in writing and am creating my great future.

Don’t analyze these affirmations. Just state them, out loud, the first thing each morning and the last thing each night. Watch what happens in the next few months!


Why leadership is so importantWhy leadership is so important takes many steps. Every great achievement begins with a first step. So, whether you think you have some leadership abilities, or none at all, we can start with a small step TODAY! Make a list of 5 things you could do to show leadership in your life. Perhaps you need to start a modest exercise program, improve your diet, pay more attention to your most important relationships, read a personal development book, or whatever.

Choose one of those subjects, or another, and take an initial step today! In most case, the hardest step in any important goal is the first one. After that, inertia often takes over and its easier to keep going. It’s like the old-fashioned trains with the big metal wheels on the engines. It took quite a bit of effort to get them going down the track. However, once they got going, it took quite a bit of effort to stop the train. That’s momentum.

So, if you choose to show leadership by starting a modest exercise program, how about a walk around the block? That’s a start! Keep doing that for a number of days and you may feel like walking around two blocks. Eventually, you may be using a treadmill for a half hour a day that will get you in great shape and help you lose calories.


Why leadership is so importantWhy leadership is so important is often based on a great attitude. Great leaders do not generally wake up with a great attitude every day. They have challenges like everyone else. In fact, because they are leaders, their challenges are often bigger than the challenges of followers. However, leaders do what has to be done, when it has to be done, whether they feel like it or not.

Leaders get upset and depressed like everyone else. However, they realize that they cannot afford to stay in a rut for too long. The price for that is just too expensive. Thus, they have developed techniques to get themselves back up quickly. One way that I find helps me, when I’m down, is to declare the following affirmation on a daily basis:

I always do the most valuable thing first and quickly!

We most always have choices when it comes to getting things done. Do we do item A or B? Let’s say that A is something easier that we want to get off our list today. However, item B is more valuable to our future. Leaders are leaders because they have gotten in the habit of doing the most valuable thing first, even if they don’t want to. When you declare the above affirmation regularly, you’ll get in the habit of doing the most valuable thing first and you’ll be developing leadership.

You might want to make the following sign, in big type on 8 ½ x 11 paper, and produce it on bright yellow paper:

Every Day I Play Like a Champion!

Laminate it and post it where you can see it every day. Then, each day, just touch the sign. The impact on your attitude is instant! Leadership comes from developing an inner feeling that you do indeed play like a champion every day!


Why leadership is so importantWhy leadership is so important is highlighted by how leaders start each day. The first 15 minutes of each day will set our mood for the entire day. Leaders realize that and thus they do something valuable with that time. They actually begin their day the night before by writing down the 5 most important tasks they need to tackle the next day. They do so in the order of their importance. This is like a blueprint for a house. It’s a blueprint for the next day’s productivity. Since the brain does not turn off during the night, it might work on some of these thoughts and give you some good ideas for the next day when you wake up.

Leaders don’t watch television news before they go to sleep. Having been a newscaster in the past, I remember that we were not told to go find positive stories to put on the news. Murder and mayhem was part of every newscast. Thus, if we watch that before we go to sleep, that sets up negative thoughts in our minds as we fall asleep.

Then, when you wake up, may I suggest that you not turn on television news, listen to the radio, or read the paper. Once again, much of that is negative. Instead, why not declare positive affirmations, such as the ones above, the first thing each morning. This step would be good to repeat just before you fall asleep at night.

After the affirmations, may I suggest you listen to a positive audio message. You can find some of these on YouTube. Next, I suggest reading one page in either or both of the following books that I recommend: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie or Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

After that, I suggest a little exercise every day, putting a dollar bill in an envelope, and looking at a picture of your next reward. Since credit cards don’t seem real to the mind, it makes an impact when we handle cash and save it. Getting a picture of your next reward will keep you motivated.


Why leadership is so importantWhy leadership is so important is evidenced by the fact that most leaders were once followers. In fact, a good leader is at first a good follower. Identify someone who has done what you want to do and ask them for advice. People are usually honored when you ask them for advice. Tell that person that you admire their achievements and would like to emulate their success.

Ask them what steps they would take to get to where they are. Follow their guidance and report back regularly. If something doesn’t work out, ask them what they would have done differently if they were you.

This is a really valuable step. Most great leaders do not waste time trying to reinvent the wheel. They find someone who already has the wheel they want, ask for advice, and follow the steps they took. Write letters to famous people you admire, tell them why you admire them, and ask for advice. What if some of them respond and what if some of them may want to help with your success?

To become a great leader, we can take one step today and another one tomorrow. Follow these ideas and see what happens. I believe that we all, including you, have greatness within us! I think we can all accomplish incredible things! Start showing leadership today and watch what that will do for your future!


“I’m a very strong, capable, successful leader! I bring the best out in everyone around me.!”

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